Accommodation Bohemian Switzerland

Accommodation Bohemian Switzerland

Come to visit places, where untouchable fairytale nature is, where the most romantic views are waiting for you and where you have the following wind a felt absolutely freely with it. All these things welcome you in national park Bohemian Switzerland. As soon as you enter to this national park everywhere will be picturesque buildings and magical cottages which local cottagers keep in perfect condition. One day is not enough to discovering Bohemian Switzerland. Accommodate here to visit all the interesting beauty of Bohemian Switzerland. In Bohemian Switzerland accommodation is offering countless of hotels, pensions, chalets, cottages or accommodation in privacy. During summer months you can find accommodation in camps and auto camps. There are countless rocks with beatiful views, which provide you the best experience during sunset and sunrise. In this region of rocks is unspeakably beautiful if you are touching a warm sand, if you are in ice crystal brook, if you stroke one hundred years old bark of tree or if you are sitting on the view in the evening and enjoying beautiful view and light air how plays with your hair. In Bohemian Switzerland you felt so freely. Also for adventurers is interesting surprise here. Everything what you need to do is go to the Edmund’s and Wild gorge and after that go up to the Rudolf’s stone. Important things are not to omit the queen of Bohemian Switzerland. Pravčická gate is in the big popularity of tourist from many countries and enthral you with incredibly pretty view. Stop by all ways, enjoy every beauty and have a break in green kingdom full magical sceneries, where is the freshest mountain light air. 

It is rumoured that the most beautiful view is from the horse saddle. That is the reason why you can find a lot of farms and ranches where in addition horse riding offering many other services like accommodation, restaurant services and other services in offer of agro tourism.

Bohemian Switzerland – accommodation with children and accommodation for schools

Bohemian Switzerland is area where you cannot find a lot of industry. That is why the whole area of Bohemian Switzerland has one of the cleanest airs in the Czech Republic. It is also the reason why is Bohemian Switzerland so popular for families with children, schools for remedial stays and sport clubs. Range of pensions, hotels, camps and other accommodation possibilities are specialized for these groups. It means that their equipment and offer is suitable for children and schools.

Discover Bohemian Switzerland

Everybody stays like in Bohemian Switzerland. They say about Bohemian Switzerland, that it is not only the paradise for climbers and tourist but also for gourmets. You can taste traditional onion soup, dug thigh with stuffing or fluffy honey pancakes with apple compote and team and many other specialities. All these delicacies offer restaurants where are often part of hotels and pensions where you are accommodated.

Come to visit Česko-saské Švýcarsko

Come to spend unusual experience to Bohemian Switzerland. Accept the invitation to the most beautiful destination in middle Europe and to the places where are so pretty from natural and cultural view. Everybody is welcome – from the oldest one to children and youth. Arrive to the paradise of quality, untouchable nature. You can also visit national park Saské Švýcarsko in Germany, which is next to the youngest Czech national park Bohemian Switzerland. In this region you will be kindly welcome and we can guarantee that you many times come back